i feel down. un-moved and not amazed, stagnant again. in one place, seeing it all again and again. my feet stomping old ground and unable to be moved by the mundane feeling and indifference.

i want to go back. be amazed. look in awe at everything around me. feel something, feel a lot. feel moved and be moved, move, and keep moving. i want to feel so much serendipitous love for people i appreciate so much because i have so much with people i’ve only known for a year, in which case i’ve spent most of it apart from them. love in a different way, in a caring and like i’d go anywhere in the world to see them and eat and drink with them, to dance with them, to laugh with them, to hug them and to leave agin.

and it’s so painful, every time i leave. every time we part, but i still want to go back. endure all the pain for so much love, eve for only a short period of time.

people you’d travel the world with, you often travel the world to see, i guess.



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