I know what I want – or do I?

Lately, it’s been hard to make up my mind. It might be that I realize there are so many opportunities out there and that, as always, I want to do various different things that barely relate to each other. I have a lot of great friends and I am at the beginning of what I feel is going to be a great next few years and they’re only going to get better as I advance in age… I am not worried about getting older, I am only worried about losing time.

I am worried about not pursuing this idea because I feel like it could help hundreds of people and quite frankly I want to pursue it before anyone else does. I am worried about missing a job opportunity that I know I want more than most people and that frankly I know I am qualified. I am worried about not traveling and moving to bigger cities while I am young and have no strings attached, because what I really want to do is hop on every plane going somewhere I have ever thought of visiting. I want to see people and things that are new to me, things that will enlighten me and will spark more interests. I want to share those stories and THAT is truly my dream.

Everything from here on out is preparing me for what i do next, i think that’s pretty cool. So although sometimes I’m bored it’s cool cuz everything is leading up to the next cool thing i’ll do.

that’s alright, i guess



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