Things are happening

It feels weird when things actually start to happen. The things you’ve been dreaming about for a while and then get closer and closer and then they’re and then they’re gone.

I leave for Montreal in less than a week and I’ll see some of my best friends whom I met studying abroad in Spain, another occurrence in which I heavily anticipated it and then it was…over. All at once and not at all.

I am beyond excited and ecstatic to see my friends but beside that i am just happy to be adventuring again. Not many people really like to be on the move as much as me, I feel connected when I am connected to many different people on many different levels. I like being elsewhere and remembering the people back here, or the people over there. We are all the same and yet so different and for this I am constantly amazed, and grateful that I am able to explore and witness it all.

I have meetings with agencies on my adventuring as well, things that may turn into potential jobs which is just another crazy occurrence in life in which I will anticipate it and it will be here before I even could grasp it, kind of how the summer came and went.

so things are happening, all the time every moment an occurrence you anticipated is happening and slowly slipping throw your fingers until it is over. That is the best and worst part, that things are always happening.



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