what is

wanting to be alone? a lot. wanting to not be with anyone in a way that is… “commitment.”

What does that even mean? I feel like people have expectations for me that I’m not okay with, that people expect me to just do things…normally, and I don’t want to.

I like surprising people, and being different, and not following the crowd. But, above anything else I enjoy doing what I like – and that could be whatever. It changes every moment, every second, every time I inhale and exhale between those two actions it could change. It changes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes all at once and sometimes it takes a while, but yanno, i like change.

I like being alone and changing constantly and not having anyone to answer to. Everyone says i won’t be saying this in a few years, but i don’t fucking care, i feel it now. so really who cares about a couple years later? It’s now *


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