Spain – pt 2

Often times, I drink too much coffee to fall asleep, which leads me to be a barely functional person the following day, forcing myself to drink more coffee – and the circle continues.

I am constantly amazed with how much I am able to get done…and then still have time to dream about things i’d rather be doing. Like today, how I would have rather been in Montreal…already. Or like, how most days I rather would be in Spain, in easy classes, going out every night into the cobblestone streets, drinking sangria until I am singing and dancing in the same bars, with my very best friends from all over the world.

This time last year, I wasn’t in school. I was finishing up a part-time summer job, packing suitcases and preparing mentally for four months abroad. The fall air filed my lungs with anxiousness and excitement for the first part of September. And this time, next week I would be hopping on a plan full of random people to Madrid.

I remember feeling so adventurous when I first got there. Expecting so much and having no idea what to expect at all. I remember just immersing myself so well that I didn’t stop and think about anything or anywhere else. I was there, all there, every part of me. And, at first, I had hoped to record each of my daily occurrences in this blog. It’s why it was created in the first place, really, but once I got there I realized it was totally unrealistic.

I barely blogged while I was abroad, and although i have countless photos my dream is to someday (soon) write a book of my three (wild and crazy) months in Spain – and other countries. An adventure I will never re-live but recount almost every single day.

So, since i have to blog everyday for this class anyway, I decided I am going to re-count my daily life in Spain with this blog. I will start tomorrow re-counting how i felt up until i left on Sept 27th of 2013. Everyday thereafter until the end of the semester will virtually be spent in Spain, and other European travel adventures I embarked on.

Here it goes – Stay tuned.


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