This is already kind of difficult. But, also, i love this. It’s like I HAVE TO write. There’s no getting out of it. The thing that I truly love to do most. The thing I most always look forward to doing. Just sitting at a computer or hand on my notebook grasping a pen, ready to bleed words. It’s homework. No excuses, I can’t get behind on homework. I must write.

It feels good. I wrote all of my co-workers thank you notes today. I am wrapping up an awesomeeee internship that has truly changed my life, opened my eyes to the world of Public Relations and a different type of writing and it has made the process of getting a real job, I believe much easier for future me. I bought my favorite people beautiful gifts and wrapped them in the most creative “gift wrapping paper” i could find just as a small token of my appreciation. I guess I have never been exposed to such brilliant, creative and hard-working people who are knowledgeable about so many things I can actually hold stimulating conversation with them, and maybe that sounds pretentious but it was limited where I grew up. So, I truly appreciate it. I appreciate writing in different ways, I appreciate this because I don’t get to do this much anymore and I appreciate people for who they are, in all different shapes, sizes, colors, etc… I appreciate AP style and writing grammatically correct. I appreciate support and when people go out of their way to help me, and I have realized the importance of going out of your way to show people that you appreciate them.

So, that’s it. I’m tired and I still have to prepare my final presentation for tomorrow so *yawn* l8r.


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