Salamanca, España

I have not posted on my blog since arriving in Spain. Please accept my sincerest apologies but I have been absolutely, utterly immersed in the Spanish culture; with the idea that if I turn around or blink for a millisecond I may miss something. In the midst of the language and the tapas, the late dinners, insane night-life, and nothing-less than interesting living situations, not to mention a million new, great, friends, I have found myself yet again lost, in lust with a physical area. It has not taken long to develop an attachment to Salamanca, it feels like home, for so many reasons including the one fact that it is a completely new place. I am here to be surprised, to be amazed, and to learn, and thus far Spain has not failed me. In a week it will be one month and I cannot begin to fathom what it will feel like after two more months. As I continue to be immersed into the Salmanitos’ lifestyle, enjoy some fotografía; a small preview of just how beautiful my new home is – saludos mis amigos






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