Why I Want To Write –


September 29, 2012 - Grand Rapids, MI, Chinese lantern lighting

September 29, 2012 – Grand Rapids, MI, Chinese lantern lighting

Last year some friends and I went to downtown to join in the community event of the Chinese lanterns lighting. I brought my camera, with no real expectations, and just began snapping photos. I took photos of random people, the sky, and before I knew it I was catching moments in time that represented a feeling I was not only lost in, but a moment that could now be remembered by all just by glancing at a single photo. I caught families, friends, and strangers helping each other release their lanterns into the sky, and then celebrating together by viewing their lantern float up to the hundreds of others, already igniting the space between our city’s community and the clouds.

There was something about viewing the priceless moments through the camera lense that i loved. There is something about a photo, and how much it says, but I realized afterward that this was a little different than what I usually do. I now have photos of people I never talked to but was connected to in some way that evening, whether it be that we have all lived in Grand Rapids, or just that we were all in the same place that night, connected by the mesmerizing lit up sky above us. After staying up until 6AM the next morning just to upload all those photos I then wished I had asked those people for their email or names so I could share the photos i’d snapped of them, because a memory is great, but photos of that memory can bring great happiness when ever looked at. No matter where I go or what I do I always find something worth sharing with others. I have always wanted to write to share stories, to spread awareness, to tell others you can do whatever you desire, and to share my discoveries with the world, because I enjoy reading about my community, and the world around me, and I enjoy discovering it. Here, this is something you may not know, or something you may be interested in, click the link and read all about it, and that is why I want to write, because I am truly driven to share my word with the world, and what better to do that than to write about it!



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