In Case of Discouragement

Precipice Mountain Top, Acadia National Park, Maine - October 2012

Precipice Mountain Top, Acadia National Park, Maine – October 2012

every time i travel i find a new reason to love it. with every new experience i find a reason that i’ve been placed there. lately, i’ve been finding myself truly amazed and in awe of what others do. i find that the more i travel, the more i learn about, the more i discover i enjoy, and the more i find things that are most difficult for me, and things that i don’t so much prefer, and that has made me so much more inspired by others. with my first trip to the east coast i visited Acadia National Park in Maine and developed a love for hiking, but not only did i discover i could be afraid of heights and liberated by the mountain top view all at the same time, i also grew as a person; while traveling along side fifteen unfamiliar people and trusting them with my life as we climbed a steep mountain – may i add my first hike, ever. today i find myself connecting with kindred spirits when i learn they also have a love for hiking, i find myself amazed by those who came to love traveling for different reasons, and i have grown fond of speaking to people about their first airplane rides – i am now quite the pro at traveling alone.

in high school, and even soon after, i often caught myself becoming frustrated and dissapointed with the people sorrounding me. i wondered why i was often in a funk of being un-inspired, not motivated. i have learned now that with a simple change of who i was sorrounding myself with, i have become a different person. it’s interesting, when you start to develop as a person and find certain interests, there can be a change in who you are interested in being influenced by. now i still find frustration in people, quite a bit, but not in the same way. i catch myself wondering why some people don’t care enough about what is occuring in the world around us, i catch myself wishing that i could sit back and ignore the unrest, the suffering of my fellow race, and even other species, and i often catch myself feeling like i should give up on trying to change things. I get overwhelmed because i know that someone has to make a change, and although I am truly passionate and driven to make one, I can’t do it on my own. if we could all find inspiration in a simple exchange of words, or photo, or passage written by someone, we might all become a little better of a race, and the circle would continue. and so, to my friends everywhere who have inspired me, i am more driven to be an inspiration. i hope with my travels and with my experiences, my list will someday fill my mind and soul with all the good in the world, so at moments like these when i am discouraged by our world, i can be lifted up by it also.



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